We refund you if it doesn't fit.


- Written and produced by Getfash.com

"I get annoyed when people don't dress properly--tight clothing is meant to be tight; it's meant to accentuate your figure. Sometimes I feel like going up to them to tell them."

It was partly with this fervent zealousness of Kristal Loh that propelled Lara 'J to where they are now. And where is that exactly? Since 2011, Lara 'J has grown to about 53.5k fans on Facebook and approximately 100,000 orders since inception. They count customers from all over Southeast Asia and the United States. And this is achieved only through their niche--which is in body conscious, figure-flattering apparel. Now, imagine what they can do if they expanded their scope of offerings.

Growing up, Kristal often looked up to her two sisters, who are eight and five years older. When they put on make up and dressed in heels--so did she. The mentality of dressing well, and presenting her best, was cultivated since she was 14 years old. This explains why she is keen to pass on her personal philosophy through Lara 'J.

Unexpectedly, inspiration comes from Kristal's favourite television genre, Korean dramas. Of course, she first considers global trends in fabrics, prints, and designs. Each collection revolves around a single theme, and the latest launches involves stripes. While you're looking at a whole new product, the team has worked on it for the past three to four months, finally seeing their work come to fruition.

Customers of Lara 'J can always be assured of three things: a consistent style of clothing that flatters your figure; an availability of sizes--most designs come in XS to XL; and a good fit. These are the top three qualities that are of utmost importance to the team, which Kristal personally oversees. She tries on every piece of clothing and alters them to create a perfect sample for the manufacturer to reproduce.

Lara 'J's commitment to providing the best fit for their customers extends all the way to their returns policy. If you've purchased a Lara'J item but find that it doesn't fit well, you're free to return your item within 14 days. Once they've received your item, Lara 'J will issue you a full refund - in cash - with no questions asked! With such an attractive return policy, shoppers can purchase all the bodycon pieces they've been eyeing with ease of mind.

"I always believe that clothes make people feel good and more productive at work, because of how you're feeling. It's also a form of manners, where you present your best to others." - Kristal Loh