Trending for SS17: Acid-washed denim
Trending for SS17: Acid-washed denim
In case you are wondering, acid-washed denim style continues to dominate the streets to the runways.

Don't take it from us, hear it from VOGUE:
What is acid-washed denim?
An acid wash finish creates significant contrast in the color of denim fabric. In order to create the random, irregular, acid wash look, the dry denim cloth is first bleached then put in a rotating drum in close proximity with granulated pumice soaked with prepared hypochlorites (fancy chemical term for bleach). This process fades the cloth both chemically (the bleach) and mechanically (the rough pumice pieces scraping the fibers). After lots of tumbling, the granules are eventually removed and the cloth is washed and dried in order to neutralize any left over hypochlorites.
How to wear acid-washed denim?
Fit is key
Denim-on-denim looks good when the pairing appears intentional, not thrown-together: Your top and jeans should both fit nicely and feature tailored details.

Go for one-piece, spare yourself some trouble.
Don't over do it
Accessories can make or break double denim. Avoid anything that skews “retro” or “western,” so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume (which means that brown leather bags and boots, while classic in many cases, are a no-no). Sleek, modern accessories offer enough contrast to do the trick: Think pointy, single-soled pumps in patent nude or metallics, and statement cuffs or necklaces.

Wear to where. You asked?
Denim is versatile.
Going to the beach? Nail the look with a dungarees. Check it out here.
You can even wear denim to an afternoon tea with the girls or an evening romantic dinner with your partner.
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