About Us

We know the kind of insatiable appetite to stand-out.

That is why our focus at Lara 'J is to help ladies accentuate femininity and sexiness through figure flattering apparels. 

This is also exactly why our founder and head designer, @Kristalloh, started Lara 'J.

Enough said. You will get it when you start shopping our new collection.

Behind the scenes feature by Getfash.com: Behind the Scenes: Singapore's Best-Selling Bodycon Fashion Brand.

Address (By appointment only):
50 Ubi Crescent,
Singapore 408568.
Tel: 6749 3593


Meet the team

Kristal Loh @Kristalloh Chief Fashion Designer
The Icon
- Believing that the outfit speaks for the wearer, she creates luxury designs that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.
- She is the one who studies fashion trends, decides on collection themes, and create designs that appeals to consumers.


Jun Wei Chief Executive Officer
The Tech Guy
- As the title goes, he is the person in charge of Lara ‘J. At times, he also fixes the photocopier machine.
- He is the one that sets the business strategy and direction, and plans for the brand future (or at least he thinks so).


Faith Sim Operations Manager
The Know-Ins-And-Outs
- With an exceptional ability to organize processes and execute operations in a meticulous manner, she oversees the company's operations and customer service.
-  By putting customers as her top priority, she ensures all enquiries and returns are handled with care and all orders to reach customers on time, without errors.


Christina Koh  @ohkimjiosnowboat Graphic Designer
The Crayonist
- Born with a crayon in hand and a talent in visual art(s), she oversees all of the company’s graphic-design needs.
- She and her team ensures all product images you see are true to actual color.

Sam Tan Logistics Specialist
The Postmaster
- Her job entails ensuring the smooth running and economic efficiency of the company’s logistics.
- She and her team ensures all parcels are handled with care and reaches customers on time, without error.