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No, we are not talking about your skin tone.

Your skin's undertone is not about how light or dark your skin is, rather it is the color that comes through from underneath your skin’s surface to affect the overall tonal quality. Whether you have light, medium or dark skin, your skin can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

Skin undertone is very important if you want to ace how you look in any outfit. Skin undertone can determine what lipstick color, apparel color, hair color, and even the make-up style you should use.

In short, if you want to look good, know your skin undertone!

Skin undertone generally falls into cool (pink), neutral or warm (yellow) undertone. Fortunately you don’t need to guess. Test your skin undertone with these four ways:

As these tests are pretty subjective we would suggest seeking opinion from your girlfriends instead of doing these tests yourself.

1. Use your jewellery

If you prefer the way silver looks against your skin, you’re more likely a cool undertone but if you’re better in gold, you could be a warm tone. If you’re inclined to wear both and they suit you – you might have a neutral undertone.

2. Use your clothing

Which colours can you wear best? If you’re better in blues, greens and bluey-reds then you are more likely a cool undertone and if you are better in yellow or orangey-reds than those then you have a warm undertone

3. Look at your veins

If your veins (in your wrist) look blue then you have a cool undertone and if you have more greeny veins then you would be a warm undertone. If you cannot tell then you’re in the neutral group.

4. Go for a tan (only for the outdoor fans)

If you tend to tan under the sun and not burn, then you may be a warm undertone and if you don’t tan, you just burn then you have a cool undertone. Those who swing both ways, could be neutral.

You will definitely own your next look now that you know these!



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